Its shape is unlikely to get mixed up in traffic.
Light, handy, completely customizable.

The ME Start Edition (sold out) version is followed by the range available from the 2019 season: 2.5 kW, 45 km / h top speed (limited by law) and 80 km range, and 6 kW model with speed of 80 km / h. Touch display, USB socket and an evolving range of accessories, always and only the essential, rule of form and function.


Simplicity, sustainability, freedom:
positive mobility by ME.
Enjoy the freedom of the city with zero emissions.
Approved for two.

Superlight Chassis

The world’s first scooter with a unique, patented
chassis design using sheet moulding compound
(SMC) material with a unique, patented chassis
design using Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC),
combining outstanding mechanical durability
with combining lightness and manoeuvrability
with exceptional structural strength.
Made in Italy.


Two charging modes:
removable battery or direct connection
to a 220V household electrical outlet.
As simple to charge as your smartphone.

Italian sign

“What I like about ME is the possibility to make it your own.
You can fit it out, make it personal, unique and stand out from the rest.
ME is simultaneously a two-wheel design and urban jungle animal, which you can handle roughly, can take around, a faithful everyday companion.”

Sergio Mori, ME designer


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