SSMC Chassis

Raw Material

ME is the first scooter in the world made of Sheet Moulding Compound SMC. SMC is a thermosetting material in sheets composed of glass fibre, mineral fillers, pigments and unsaturated polyester resins.
It is a light material, already used for several automotive components, but until now, never for the structure of a scooter.
The hot polymerisation process of SMC enables you to obtain
a perfectly homogeneous and stable product. Therefore, no component welding, plate mounting or strut assembly are needed.


We were aiming at reducing the overall scooter weight through studying a lightweight chassis and design distinctiveness.
 The result was the patent of the SMC chassis.
With SMC, we were able to obtain a chassis that had the
simultaneous functions of a bearing element
and container element of the other mechanical and electrical components.


Significant weight /
performance ratio
(scooter weighs 90 kg with battery)

High mechanical
and thermal resistance

Excellent resistance
to weather conditions

Finishing versatility

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