We design and produce the ME Scooter, the first scooter in the world with a patented SMC chassis,the first Made in Italy
electric scooter with a strong identity in image and design terms.
We work to continuously improve the product, its performance and the development of new models, accessories and services,
intended also as sales/use models,
sustainable mobility needs.
We work for modern, positive, beautiful and sustainable city mobility.


We want to provide people with a new mobility concept,
which we define “positive mobility”.
We believe in technology simplicity and we strive to spread the choice of electric mobility, which also means communicating to overcome the normal insecurities and resistance to change.
We believe that two-wheel electric mobility is reliable because it is simple, clean and is part of an evolving system that is following the sustainability direction.
We believe in design as an expression of a cultural and value-related system that is not shaped on power and aerodynamics, but rather on the Italian lifestyle, on regaining time and urban space, on self-expression.

More connected among our everyday places and freer.


The ME production line, based on the Sheet Moulding Compound chassis patent is extremely simplified. It consists in a first moulding phase
and then in an assembly and testing phase.
No traditional production cycle processes (welding, galvanising and painting) are needed,
nor are lubricants or thinners.
All of this takes place between Brescia, Bergamo and Milan, at our sites
and production partner sites.



We present you with founding members, advisors, product and image specialists: the people who created the project, people who lead it today, with the valuable contribution at the forefront of other perceptive minds and willing hands.

Degree in Economics and Commerce at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan. In the ME Group, she is the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors and Marketing and Communications Manager.

Veronica Franzini



Honours degree in Economics and Master in Marketing and Market Research at the University of Pisa. After almost a decade of working in Pirelli, where he held managing positions, he joined ME at the end of 2016, bringing expertise in the management and sales area (and plenty of energy). He was assigned the role of CEO.

Marco Miani



Degree in Engineering Management at the University of Brescia. After experience in Italy and the UK in the automotive sector, he has been Managing Director since 2011 of Vehicle Engineering & Design, a company founded in 1963 between Brescia and Turin. With ME since the concept of the idea, today, he is part of the design team and member of the Board of Directors.

Marco Salvi



A brilliant curriculum as a businessman in the large worksites industry, today he coordinates the production of ME and is a member of the Board of Directors.

Vincenzo Ravani



In the ME Group, he is the product manager on the Dealer/ME Point network. Besides being a test drive specialist, he is the product design supervisor. “Shape and Function” is his mantra.

Fabio Romaioli

Product Specialist


"In my opinion, the name that works is ME, which means “motorino elettrico”, but also „me“, which gives a very personal touch." Andrea is part of the Rossa communication agency in Brescia: since he pronounced these words, he became Art Director of the ME Image.

Andrea Benedetti

Art Director


Innovative start up

In 2015, the ME Group achieved the Innovative Start Up qualification and registered in the Chamber of Commerce Register.
The Growth Decree 2.0 (legislative decree 179/2012) introduces the so-called Innovative Start Ups, being limited companies under Italian law, having a company purpose of development, production, marketing of highly-technological innovative products or services.

The innovation of ME is the SMC chassis, of which the ME Group owns the patent.


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